2022: Rapid React

The challenge

Rapid React is the 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition game. Rapid React is played by two alliances of three teams each, with each team controlling a robot and completing specific actions in order to score points. The game revolves around both alliances shooting inflatable over-sized tennis balls known as Cargo into a central Hub and climbing within their Hangars at the end of the match. The overall objective of each match is to score more points than the opposing alliance before the match ends.  

Link to game manual.

Our Robot


We attended the Week 2 FMA District Mount Olive Event, which was our most successful competition of the season. We ended up ranked 9th and the team seeded second, chose us to be part of their alliance. We played well in Quarterfinals, however the robot started to go kaput by then and we lost in Semifinals. 

We received the Excellence in Engineering Award, winning the 10th Robotics award for Warren Hills.

We attended the Week 5 FMA District Montgomery Event getting the necessary points to qualify for the Mid-Atlantic District Championship.

Match QF #3

@ Mount Olive Event


Our Team


Gwen G, Jenna W, Julia B, Heidi K, Jacob A, Nico G, Cole G, Franco G, John V, James G, Disha P,  Anugrah T,  Andres C, Craig K, Jonathan C,  Zakariya A.

Mentors and Coaches:

Mr. Slack, Mr. Mosher, Alumni mentors Kyle Watt and Doug Mosher


Season Pictures

Off-Season Event, Nov 6th 2022