2023: Charged Up

The challenge

This is the moment to get energized to innovate. From the machines that move us to the food that sustains us to the wireless technologies that connect us, energy plays an essential role in keeping our world running. The aim of the game was to collect cones and cubes and place them in their proper location on the "Energy Grid" and at the end of the match, to balance robots on the "Charging Platform".

Link to game manual.

Our Robot


We attended the Week 2 FMA District Mount Olive Event, which was our more successful competition of the season, largely due to our successful autonomous. We ended up ranked 13th, and the team was seeded seventh, chose us to be part of their alliance. We received the Gracious Professionalism Award. This award celebrates our team's core values and gracious professionalism, for assisting Team 7045.

We participated (and hosted) the Week 4 FMA District Warren Hills Event getting the necessary points to qualify for the Mid-Atlantic District Championship. We received the Innovation in Controller Award for our 3D printed controller that would allow us to move the robot arm, with a smaller replica of it.

We won the Brunswick Eruption Off-Season Event in the Red Alliance with teams #2539 (Krypton Cougars) and #1923 (The MidKnight Inventors).

Our Team


Seniors: Julia B.  Juniors: Heidi K.,Jacob A.,Nico G.,Ethan F.,Jonathan C.,Robert D.,Zakariya A., Jason M. Sophomores: Cole G.,Franco G.,Whyatt M.,Jack B. Freshmans: David C.

Mentors and Coaches:

Mr. Slack, Mr. Mosher, Alumni mentors Kyle Watt and Doug Mosher


Season Pictures

Brunswick Eruption Off-Season Event Winner (Nov, 2023)