Social Media Contributor

Create engaging content for our robotics team's social media platforms. Share our achievements, progress, and events to showcase our team's journey. Strong communication and creative skills are a must. 

SWAG & Spirit Coordinator

Energize the team by designing and distributing team merchandise (SWAG) and fostering team spirit. Enhance team identity through creative merchandise and engaging activities. Passion for boosting team morale and creativity required. 

Snack Supervisor

Keep the team fueled and refreshed by organizing snacks during meetings and events. Ensure a variety of options and manage inventory. Attention to detail and a knack for catering to diverse preferences are important. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate and manage volunteers to support our robotics team's activities and events. Facilitate communication, schedules, and tasks to ensure a smoothly functioning team. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills required. 

Scouting Lead

Oversee the scouting efforts to gather data on competitors during robotics events. Coordinate strategy discussions and help the team make informed decisions. Strong analytical and communication skills essential. 

Data Analyst

Collect, analyze, and present data to support strategic decisions and improve robot performance. Translate numbers into insights that drive team success. Proficiency in data interpretation and critical thinking required. 

Design Engineer

Shape the robot's vision into reality by creating precise and innovative designs using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. Collaborate with the team to ensure design feasibility and functionality. Proficiency in CAD tools and a creative engineering mindset are vital. 

Drive Team

Take the controls as a key member of the robot's operating crew during competitions. Execute strategies, make quick decisions, and navigate challenges to achieve success on the field. Quick reflexes, teamwork, and adaptability are essential. 


Bring the robot to life by coding its functions and behaviors using the Java programming language. Collaborate with the team to implement and refine autonomous and teleoperated modes. Proficiency in Java and problem-solving skills are crucial for success. 

Safety Director

Prioritize the team's well-being by developing safety protocols and ensuring their implementation during all team activities. Promote a safe environment and address potential hazards. Strong attention to detail and a commitment to safety required. 


Capture the excitement and achievements of the robotics team through video content. Produce engaging videos that showcase our journey, events, and robot performance. Creative storytelling and video editing skills are essential. 


Bring the robot to life by constructing and assembling its physical components. Work collaboratively to ensure the robot's structural integrity and functionality. Hands-on skills and attention to detail are crucial for this role.